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Course Introduction

What can we do to improve the quality of our salah?
We pray, go through the physical motions, recite the surahs and duas, and discharge the obligation. Is that all that is expected of us?
Allah, Exalted is He, says, ‘And establish prayer to remember me’ (20:14). The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘When one of you prays, he is in intimate discourse with His Lord…’ (al-Bukhari). Furthermore, the Prophet, peace be upon him, took pleasure in salah.
This and other verses, and many hadiths like the one above, demonstrate a dimension and quality to salah that require more from us. An attitude to salah that goes beyond physical movements, and verbal incantations, a dimension that requires mindful devotion, presence of mind, and an awareness of Allah’s presence.
This is called Khushu.

This course is about khushu. It will show us that khushu is not just a word that expresses an abstract unattainable spiritual state but a practical, attainable requirement of prayer that every believer must pursue with all their heart, and all their effort.

This course will show you how khushu can be attained.

The course is online on-demand, so you will have access to it all the time to review and double check your knowledge, from anywhere in the world at any time. Then armed with this knowledge, you will practise improving the quality of your salah.

You will be given access to a chat group to ask questions and keep in touch with Shaykh Shams. You can access the link to the group in the course intro after enrolment.

Course Video Sample

Below is 30 mins of the first lesson.

Course Features

  1. Online, on-demand course, with Q&A via chat with Shaykh Shams Adduha.
  2. Access from anywhere in the world at any time.
  3. Additional reading material and resources.
  4. Bonus content added from time to time.
  5. The course will cover the secrets of khushu.
  6. Tips on how to attain it.
  7. Practical demonstration of prayer that meets the physical requirements of khushu.

Dates and Schedule

Access is instant. Study anytime, from anywhere, at your own pace, on most devices.

Who is This Course For?

Anyone who takes prayer seriously and wants to improve it so that it not just a chore but spiritual experience.

Anyone who wants to improve their salah and create a new habit of a more focused and attentive salah.

This course is not a fiqh course and will not cover the rules of salah. A fiqh course will be launched soon inshaAllah.


There are no prerequisites other than your commitment to improving your salah.

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Learning Outcomes

Topics and featuresOutcomes – participants on this course will:
The Secrets Of Khushu
Approx. 3 hours of recorded content with additional resources such as slides and reading.
Understand the meaning of khushu, and why it is necessary, even obligatory, from verses of the Qur’an, hadiths of our Prophet, peace be upon him, and statements of the sahabah and earliest pious predecessors (salaf).

Understand the different levels of prayer in terms of quality as understood by scholars of our tradition.

Understand the qualities and states of mind that are consistent with khushu and help produce it.

The various spiritual and practical means (asbab) that bring about khushu.

Understand how remembrance of of Allah (dhikr), helps one acquire khushu, and how you can build a habit of dhikr.
Tips On How To Attain khushu And Practical Demonstration.

Approx. 3 hours of recorded content with additional resources such as slides and reading.

Understand what thought processes in the different positions of salah will help attain khushu.

Understand what practical steps one can take to pray with khushu.

See salah performed practically with aspects of khushu demonstrated in each part of the salah.



If you cannot afford it:

We understand that in these times of difficulty some people may not be able to afford to study. We have to charge so that this work can continue. Those who can pay should pay. However, if you cannot, please email and we will arrange for you to pay whatever you can afford. Please do not ask to do the course for free, contribute something.

How you will study this course and terms of study

On-demand online course with live Q&A (scheduled at our discretion): you will view recorded content, complete tasks given, and then attend live Q&A via a virtual classroom.

As a non-essential complimentary add on, a strictly controlled and focused chat group will be opened for constant contact with teacher and questions. This will not be permanent and will be discontinued in the future at Mawarid Lifestyle’s discretion.

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  4. To benefit fully from the course, you should complete all reading in advance of watching the recorded class.


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