Please donate generously to this campaign.!/ Help Protect The Iman Of Muslims Suffering From Doubt

Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullah

January 2020, was the first time I ran the course titled, How to Protect Our Iman In Today’s Climate. It is a course designed to make people’s iman resilient to doubt, to help people of doubt find certainty, and to help people who have left Islam find their way back.

It is now well established that apostasy is the greatest challenge we are facing today. Yet we are not doing enough to counter it.

After running this course for over a year, I have come to understand how widespread this problem is and how even the most practising students on my course harbour deep doubts about Islam which the course enabled them to put to rest. I have taught the course to 4 groups, around 150 people in total, and, al-hamdulillah, we have had two shahadas from people who had left Islam.

While this is a great ni’mah of Allah (swt), the problem is far greater than 100 people and two shahadas. Working alone, limited capacity, and the fees I must charge to sustain this work have been an obstacle to this course reaching more people in more diverse ways.

So, I have decided to reach out to you so you can help me remove all of those limitations. I have launched this campaign to ask for your support to help me achieve the following:

1. Help me reach thousands of people by developing a concise, free, short version of this course, and then advertising it far and wide.

2. Make the full course more accessible by making it free to anyone who cannot afford it. We will use your contributions to support them.

3. We will offer counselling and mentoring to people who are suffering doubts free of charge. This is something I have been doing in a limited capacity. Your support will enable me to increase that capacity by leveraging other mentors.

4. Develop more contents and resources (videos, blog posts, podcasts, etc.) You will be rewarded for enabling me and my team to quash doubts, strengthen iman, and help apostates find their way back to Allah’s deen.

I’m setting a moderate target of £10,000. I’ve calculated that this is what we need to get things going at a minimum. But, as you can see, this is about capacity, and the more you give, the more we can do.

This Ramadhan, give the gift of Iman.