Mawarid Counselling

Book a counselling session with Shaykh Shams Adduha or a recommended counsellor/religious advisor.

Please read instructions below before submitting a booking request. We will not respond to booking requests that have not followed these instructions.

If you would like to book shaykh Shams Adduha for a private advice session, please use the form below to request a booking.

Please note, shaykh Shams provides Islamic religious counselling and is not a qualified counsellor in areas such as mental health. You may wish to book him for that purpose but the nature of the counsel/advice will be religious/spiritual.
Having helped individuals with diverse needs for almost two decades, he has experience in the following areas:

  • Religious and spiritual counselling for personal development, or personal coaching and mentoring.
  • Faith counselling for people struggling with doubt and confusion regarding matters of faith.
  • Islamic legal (fiqh) issues of marriage, divorce, inheritance, finance, or other matters of halal and haram.
  • Marriage counselling.
  • Conflict resolution and arbitration.
  • Islamic education (individuals and organisations)
  • Other: if you require his time for something else, please explain below and we will let you know if he can help you and in what way.

Although these are important needs, shaykh Shams is only able to give a limited amount of time to counselling. You may need to wait for an appointment with him. If you are interested in seeing another scholar on shaykh Shams’s recommendation, please mention that.

Counselling for women:
Shaykh Shams will not see women face to face without a companion (male or female). If you cannot see him with a companion (due to privacy or convenience), please book a telephone/ video audio session.

If you are happy to see a recommended female scholar counsellor, please say so, and we will arrange it for you.

£50 per hour
To minimise admin and chase up, all payments must be made in advance of the session.

If you cannot afford the fee, please let us know. We will still try to help you.

Please complete the form below to explain your needs clearly bearing in mind all of the points above.

    Please explain fully and clearly to minimise the need for an exchange of emails.