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There are two ways to submit a question:

1. Submit Your Question Via Our Telegram Channel

You can summit a question via instant chat by joining our Telegram channel community. This is what you have to do:

  1. You just have to Install telegram if you don’t have it.
  2. Use this link to join our our channel:
  3. In the channel, whenever you have a question, search ‘#askaquestion’, a post will come up with instructions, simply ask your question by commenting on this post.

We prefer this method and believe you will enjoy it too as it allows for questions to be answered quickly and you can participate in discussion with shaykh Shams directly. Please note, he will not always have the time for discussions but will try if what you raise is pertinent.

2. Submit a Question Below

Before submitting your question please remember the following:

  • We will provide an anonymised answer to your question on the answers page of the website. Individual answers will be posted on the website and on our social media pages. Please make sure you subscribe to follow:
  • Answers will normally be of a generic nature and may not be enough to deal with matters that are specific to individuals.
  • If you need specific counselling/advice on a personal matter and you need counselling or have many questions that you need to discuss with shaykh Shams, please consider booking a counselling/advice session. See the counselling page.