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Areas Of Expertise

Shaykh Shams has two decades of experience in education. He spent the majority of those years in management and leadership positions with most of his work focused on managing and overseeing curriculum development, teacher training and developing and mentoring teachers. He has done this extensively in madrasah/maktab education, Islamic secondary education, and Islamic higher education.

He developed an innovative curriculum for seminary studies at Ebrahim College for Arabic language, and Alimiyyah studies covering all the major Islamic sciences. Before and during his time at Ebrahim College he did the same for maktab and madrasah studies. He developed a curriculum programme that was considered for BA accreditation by the University of Gloucestershire. In 2019 he consulted on a project with SOAS university that developed a toolkit for universities that would help them better understand Islamic seminary/Darul Uloom education for the purpose of collaboration and accreditation partnerships between the university and darul uloom sectors.

It is in these areas that he is interested in supporting existing Islamic education providers, especially madrasah/maktab and Darul Uloom education, by training and advising curriculum developers and leaders, and providing insets for teaching staff.

Recently, he has become particularly interested in helping madrasahs/maktabs modify their curricula to include provision in faith orientation for the purpose of building resilience in faith, and learning to deal with causes of doubt in faith. He is interested in helping madrasah teachers understand the issues that cause doubt in young people’s minds and help them develop their teaching in a way that is responsive to these doubts.

If your madrasah/darul uloom is interested in the above, or more generally, in developing curricula and teaching standards in your institutions, please get in touch using the form below.

£50 per hour
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