help your child stay firm on islam

A mentoring programme designed to give young people the intellectual and spiritual guidance they need in today’s age of confusion and doubt.


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Are you concerned about your teenage son or daughter’s future as a Muslim?

Are you struggling to have conversations about difficult questions related to Islam? 

Are you struggling to guide them through puberty, their sexual awakening, and relationships? 

Do they have strong enough Islamic values to resist the temptation of haram relationships and pleasures as they venture into 6th Form and University life? 

Are you struggling to manage their relationship with technology, i.e., gaming, social media, Netflix etc?

Do your children have the Islamic knowledge needed to deal with difficult questions posed by Atheists?  

In modern society, Muslim families face these and many other problems. 

The Youth Mentoring Programme will solve these problems for parents and young people alike, inshaAllah. 

Programme Features


Essential courses on the foundations of Iman and spirituality. 

Weekly Sessions

Weekly talking sessions covering a wide range of topics relevant to young Muslims growing up in the culture of modernity. 


One to one mentoring sessions and constant access to Islamic scholars who are experienced mentors. 

Access to more learning

Free access to all our online courses to overcome gaps in essential Islamic knowledge.

Spiritual Development

A targeted spiritual development programme covering learning, spirituality, and community service. 

Recorded Sessions

Every session is recorded so that students miss nothing. 

Completing this course will help young people:

Who is the course for?

  1. Young men and women, 14-18 years of age who are willing to learn and develop.
  2. There are no academic prerequisites. As long as a student can effectually participate in the programme, he/she is welcome to apply.
  3. Young people who are curious about Islam and keen to learn more whose parents will remain engaged and involved in their learning. We cannot meet our objectives with young teenagers whose parents are not going to take an active interest in this and give their support when we need it. 

course schedule

We enrol two cohorts per year in September and January. 

Next Cohort: January 2022

Start date: Week beginning 17th Jan – exact day of weekly sessions will be confirmed soon

Application deadline: Monday 17th Jan 


YMP Mentors

Mentors run the weekly sessions and provide one to one mentoring to our students. They are friendly, accessible, Islamically educated, and well acquainted with the dangers faced by Muslim youth today. 

Shams Adduha Muhammad

Director & lead mentor

Shaykh Shams is the founder and director of Mawarid Lifestyle. The YMP is his brainchild to which he brings his 20 years experience of teaching and mentoring young people and serving as an Imam and educator in the Muslim community. Shaykh Shams mentors some cohorts of the YMP and runs the programme. 

Saleha Bukhari

Ymp Mentor

Ustadha Saleha is a shari’ah graduate from Ebrahim College where she completed her studies as a mature student. She has worked as a shari’ah council advisor and a chaplain and teaches young people at Ebrahim College and Q-iman. Along with mentoring YMP cohorts, she is an important role model mentor for our girls. 

Reviews from parents and students


We can say with 100% confidence that enrolling our sons in the Youth Mentoring Program (YMP) has been the best decision we’ve made. It has given us peace of mind knowing that they have a trusted, knowledgeable Sheikh to turn to for all of their questions related to Deen and to be in a class where the Sheikh develops a strong love and understanding of Islam. Sheikh Shams dives deeply into questions that may cause doubt about Islam. He thoroughly understands the Western thoughts and ideas influencing our young children. He teaches them to think critically and provides clear explanations with regards to Islam’s position on ideas and issues that they come across. He also ensures that they know everything needed to practice Islam correctly, by assessing their weak areas of knowledge and assigning further study in those areas. Our sons are more confident and comfortable with their faith since joining the YMP. We feel so strongly about this program that we remove them from their regular school class in order to attend, due to the time difference for us here in the U.S. We recommend the Youth Mentoring Program for every teenager to strengthen their bond with Islam and to have a knowledgeable mentor guiding them during their vulnerable years.
Parents to Zain and Zayd
2021 Youth Mentoring Programme