Shaykh Shams’s Biography

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General Biography

Shaykh Shams Adduha is the founder of, co-founder and former director of Ebrahim College (EC), and currently serving as the Head Imam of Chelmsford Muslim Society.

He has previously worked as a London based Imam, teacher, school governor, and has worked on several educational projects throughout his career, most notably, Ebrahim College which he co-founded in 2003, and served as its director until March 2019, when he stepped down to focus more on community work, teaching and academia.

Since EC, shaykh Shams has been consulting for SOAS, University of London, on a project to help develop Islamic seminaries through accreditation. He continues to work as a consultant on Islam, the Muslim community, and Islamic education.

In Autumn of 2019, Shaykh Shams launched An online learning platform and blog which focuses on Islamic lifestyle, spirituality, and education. Shaykh Shams teaches online courses on the platform and provides his services to the community through it.

As an educationalist, shaykh Shams is particularly interested in developing contextualised programmes of learning for Islamic studies and the Islamic sciences for British Muslims. As a teacher he also lectures in Islamic theology, hadith studies, and Islamic jurisprudence.

Shaykh Shams grew up in East London. He memorised the holy Qur’an and studied the Islamic Sciences at traditional Islamic seminaries (Darul Ulooms) in the UK (Dewsbury and Nottingham), and Bangladesh (Jami’ah Madinatil ‘Uloom, Sylhet) where he got his Shahadah al-Takmeel from the Wifaqul Madaris al-‘Arabiyyah (a national board for traditional seminaries). Upon his return to the UK, after some years as an Imam and setting up Ebrahim College, he completed a Masters in Islamic Studies at the University of London, Birkbeck College.

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