According to UK Statistics, 70% of Youth aged 16-29 yrs are Athiest

23% of Born Muslims in the US have left Islam

start date

The course start 16th September 2023.
Student can begin enrolling from now.

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Free access to all our other on-demand courses to overcome gaps in essential knowledge.


A mentoring programme to give young people the intellectual and spiritual guidance they need in today’s age of confusion and doubt

One academic year

Over the duration of one academic year.

Talking Sessions

Weekly talking sessions covering a wide range of topics.

Personal Development

One to one mentoring and personal development planning.

Mentoring sessions

2 hours of contact time per week plus mentoring sessions.


Build an intellectual foundation of Islam and a strong resilience to doubt.


Around 70% of Muslim children in the UK attend part-time Islamic education, known as madrasah/maktab. For most children, this education ends between the ages of 14 and 16, and even earlier for many girls. Sadly, they stop their Islamic education just when they need it the most. As they reach secondary school, 6th form, and college, they will encounter ideas and lifestyles that challenge everything they were taught as children. Additionally, they are navigating the complexities of youth and puberty. It is crucial for them to have constant guidance and mentoring during this time.

Traditional modes of madrasah education in the UK and Western Muslim communities are not sustainable alongside the pressures of GCSEs and A levels. To address this problem, we launched The Youth Mentoring Programme specifically for young people aged 14-18. 

The programme focuses on mentoring, providing direct access to knowledgeable scholars who guide them. Formal teaching and contact time are limited to a couple of hours a week, mainly through talking sessions where various aspects of life are discussed from an Islamic perspective. Each student will receive personalized mentoring and development planning, with 2-3 sessions to identify and monitor their goals. These sessions also create a safe space for individuals to address personal matters.

Our male and female mentors, who are graduates of shari’ah, will provide the mentoring. Although we expect most students to have received basic Islamic education, we will use the weekly sessions to cover areas not typically included in madrasah/maktab education. If there are significant gaps in essential Islamic knowledge, we will offer on-demand courses to address this. Our comprehensive courses cover all the essential areas of Islamic education a Muslim needs. Visit our courses page to explore the full range.

Who is This Programme For?

Young people  aged 14 – 18 who are willing to learn & develop.

The course is for students who are keen to learn and be good Muslims.   It is vital that parents remain engaged and involved in their learning. 

We cannot meet our objectives with young teenagers whose parents are not going to take an active interest in this give their support when we need it.

Contact With Mentor

Studets will always have access to their teachers & mentors.

We will use chat and live online sessions to stay in contact.

Student can also reach us by phone.