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As you may know, I have recently played an active role in the Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) consultation taking place in Tower Hamlets. The law regarding RSE has changed and theses changes will take effect in schools from September 2020. See my article on this for more information.
I have realised there is not enough awareness surrounding this issue and it has progressed significantly without sufficient input from the community.

For this reason, after a lot of thinking, I have decided that I am happy to attend and speak at public meetings organised at local masajid to raise more awareness around the RSE issue and to inform parents and the community about the law and their rights, and duty of schools towards them.
For the masajid located in Tower Hamlets, I will be more than happy to be invited to speak at a public meeting to raise awareness regarding RSE. However, the masajid and local communities need to organise the meetings and cooperate with me to set a suitable date. I can speak about the issue in Bengali or English or both.

If you know your masjid might be interested, I urge you to raise the issue and get in contact with me regarding my availability.

You can either contact me via the form below or join the whatsapp group below and discuss there. I, along with others will be on the group to discuss the matter and organise the date. I would prefer you using the whatsapp group as that would be easier and it would connect people who have the same concern.

Jazakumullah Khairan

Shams Adduha Muhammad

Please use the form below to express your interest or join the whatsapp group.

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