The Learned Youth Programme




Purpose of the course
The purpose of the course is to give the students a firm understanding of Islam, a strong Islamic moral and spiritual outlook, and an appreciation for the Islamic sciences to serve as a foundation for further advanced learning. So it will include, Arabic language, Qur’anic sciences, hadith sciences, and tafsir among other things, and I will personally mentor the students with periodic assistance from others who I feel the students will benefit from.

So the programme is multi-disciplinary, and is therefore made up of a number of smaller courses of varying length and depth. I will take a blended approach; so some courses will be entirely on-demand with recorded content and only assessments, some will be a mixture of live and on-demand, and others will live only. This will depend upon the subject and nature of the content. See the content breakdown further down.


Here are the criteria I am looking for in candidates:

1. Young men and women, 14-18 years of age
2. Good academic performance in school: aiming towards or already achieved A (or the equivalent in the new system) in most GCSEs.
3. Good Islamic upbringing and education. They must recite Qur’an fluently, know the basics of religion, and be from an environment of 5 times prayer at home.
4. Candidates must be of good behaviour s and conduct. I cannot have disruptive members in the group. You know your own children. Please do not seek admission if your child might be disruptive or uncooperative. I will simply exclude them (without refund) so please do not waste your time and money. This is a developmental programme not an interventional one.
5. Parental support and engagement is a must. If you are not going to take an active interest in this and if I cannot have your support when I need it, or I’m going to have to constantly chase your child or you to get work done etc, then please do not apply. I will not take applications without parental involvement.


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