After a Facebook post on 21/03/2020 about Hazrat Mawlana Adam sab (Leicester) declaring suspension of congregation in his masjid, someone commented saying the post is immature and we should not be advocating a right or wrong position in this.

I felt the need to respond and have decided to share the response so my position on this is clear and my actions so far and in the future can be understood. You don’t have to agree with me of course.

Here it is:

‘Please listen to what mawlana Adam sab said and you’ll understand why people need to know his message and why I must promote it.
Is it mature to accuse my post of immaturity without interrogating my intention and seeing the nature of my engagement in this issue? Have you not done the very thing you accuse me of? But I do not blame you habibi. This is a difficult time. Allah forgive you. I have taken no offence. I am responding so you understand.
For the record, I have not been involved in the mudslinging that is happening that might have moved you to write your comment. I am however determined to convince my brothers and fellow scholars, who I believe, from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul, are making the wrong decision.
You do have a point that in a normal matter of disagreement, I shouldn’t have to propagate my view so fervently. Please watch my videos and read my articles specifically on ikhtilaf (disagreement) to understand my opinion and attitude on difference of opinion and how all sides must be respected.

However, this matter is unlike any other. In this matter, lives are at stake. We are choosing between an opinion that carries no risk to deen (there is no risk when there is a dangerous mitigating excuse), and another opinion that is endangering lives to a degree of near certainty. We know this based on our own rational principles (not just the medical profession which must also be heeded). Read imam al-Ghazzali and others when they talk about different ways to prove claims in books like al-Qistas al-Mustaqeem and how ulama utilised tools like istiqra (induction). You can find a shorter discussion in Shaykh Bouti’s Kubra al-Yaqiniyyaat al-Kawniyyah.

When we are faced with such a choice, I am driven by the belief that it is my DUTY to do everything in my power to convince people of the error of the other opinion (with respect of course) and to convince them to safeguard their lives and the lives of others. This is no ordinary disagreement, yet it must be conducted with adab. This I see as a fardh upon me.

If you have seen any evidence of me breaking the bounds of adab in the process of doing my duty (according to the rules that exist in our tradition), please tell me when and who I was disrespectful towards and I will apologise. In fact, I apologise right now in any case. Please forgive me.

But I, along with many other ulama around the world, will and must continue this work. Lives are at stake because of our decisions. There is no time to lose and I WILL NOT STOP.
Allah (swt) protect us all and guide us to the right decisions.



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