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Important note

This free course was taught light on Saturday 18th Jan as part of a longer four-part course called ‘How to Protect Our Iman Today’s Climate‘. This is the first session of that course. If you would like to continue on to the full course, please use the link above and enroll.

The recording has been uploaded to the lesson page below under course content. One you have enrolled the link will become accessible.

In the remaining three sessions of How to Protect Our Iman in Today’s Climate, Allah’s existence, proofs of prophethood, principles of faith, and major causes of doubt will all be discussed. You’ve started the journey off, you should finish it inshaAllah. 

Brief Intro

A short three-hour course that will show you that the Islamic tradition is not based on blind faith but one that demands objective critical examination of any claim to truth, and how the Muslims developed robust methods for such an examination.

Video Intro


Free. Enrolment required.

On-demand course. Study in your own time from anywhere. There is no live Q&A in this course.

Detailed Description

In this course you will learn:

  • How does the Islamic tradition examine transmitted information?
  • How does the Islamic tradition examine non-transmitted claims and assertions?
  • What is the standard of proof required of different types of claims?
  • Is faith based on authority or based on proof?
  • Why do Muslims rigidly accept the authority of the Qur’an and sunnah?


This course is the first lesson of the course titled ‘How To Protect Our Iman in Today’s Climate’. It will thus serve as an excellent taster and students will have the option of continuing on to ‘How to Protect Our Iman in Today’s Climate’.



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