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This Course has already started. Do you still want your child to join during the summer holiday?

Although this course has begun, some parents have asked if their children can still join during the summer holiday. Therefore we have and will allow the children to join as long as they catch up with the previous lessons.

We have inserted the ‘course content’ below only for the ease of access of students taking this course. Non-students will not have access to this.

Course Information

– A course that will help young people cope with modernity and the things that cause confusion and doubts about Islam.
– Help your child understand Islam in a manner that makes him/her resilient in iman before or during their time at college/uni.
– Study selected parts of Quran, Hadith and Du’as so that they can practise as part of their daily life. Students will also be encouraged to memorise.
– Some mentoring and personal development planning.
– 8 weeks through July and August.
– 4 hours per week (split between two sessions).
– Only £5 per hour ( or even less if you join by the 10th of June).
– Discounted access to all of our on-demand courses (All summer course students will get 50% off).

Course Introduction

Summer is nearly here, many of our young people will be getting prepared to go to college or university. As parents and as a community, we need to prepare our youth for the challenges that their Iman will face at this stage of their lives and throughout their time at college and university.

During their time at college and university, it is certain that they will be exposed to ideas and lifestyle choices that will challenge everything we have taught them so far about religion, culture and identity.

We all live in a world that is underpinned by certain ideas: the ideas of Western civilisation. These ideas have evolved, and the more they have evolved the further they have taken the people of the West away from religion – including the religions of their own forefathers. The religions of the West today are secularism, liberalism, capitalism, individualism, humanism, scientism, etc. All of these have ultimately fed one hungry beast: that beast is atheism.

Today, these ideas are everywhere. Some of us because of our iman, spirituality and traditional values have developed various degrees of immunity to them; but no one is untouched. However, when it comes to young people, they are growing up at a time that is vastly different to the one experienced by previous previous generations. The world is entirely shaped by these ideas and their minds and senses are surrounded by them. When they go to college and university, they get to explore the social environment created by these ideas: an environment where lusts and desires are allowed to run free, and the ideas mentioned earlier provide justification for that freedom. It is extremely difficult for young people to completely resist this, and all too often, they get completely swept away. In that moment, if religion only serves as a weak barrier that stands in their way, they abandon it. It is therefore our duty to make the religious barrier an impenetrable one.

The only religion that can resist the status quo and return the world and its people back to their humanity is Islam. Thus, Islam is also the only thing that will save our children in those environments. But Islam has to exist in them before they face these environments, and it has to be intellectually and spiritually resilient to serve as that impenetrable barrier.

At Mawarid Lifestyle, we have launched The Summer Youth Course, as a foundational step towards making our youth resilient to the doubts caused by modernity and the various intellectual challenges it presents to our Deen.

This Live Summer Youth Course will equip your child with some of the intellectual and spiritual tools he/she needs before or during their time at college/uni.

More Comprehensive Programmes for Youth

Before you make your decision, please keep in mind that we have two other comprehensive youth programmes that run throughout the year.

The summer course is to help people stay productive during the summer. It is also a good choice for young people who, for whatever reason, cannot join the full programmes. However, it is complimentary and also serve as an introduction to them. Therefore it is fine to join the summer course, and join one of the two youth programmes that run for the whole year. Read up on the programmes before making an informed decision about the summer course. You can read about them at the links below:
The Learned Youth Programme (A two-Year Programme Including Qur’anic Arabic)
The Youth Mentoring Programme (A one year mentoring programme)

Please contact us if you would like further advice. You can email or send a text message to 07951031730.

Who is This Course For

Here are the criteria I am looking for in candidates:

1. Young men and women, 14-18 years of age
2. Good academic performance in school: aiming towards or already achieved As and Bs (or the equivalent in the new system) in most GCSEs.
3. Good Islamic upbringing and education. They must recite Qur’an fluently, know the basics of religion, and be from an environment of 5 times prayer at home.
4. Candidates must be of good behaviour and conduct. We cannot have disruptive members in the group. Parents, you know your own children. Please do not seek admission if your child might be disruptive or uncooperative. We will simply exclude them (without refund) so please do not waste your time and money. This is a developmental programme not an interventional one.
5. Parental support and engagement is a must. If you are not going to take an active interest in this then your child will not benefit fully. We will expect all students under 18 to provide details of parents.

Mode of Delivery

Live course with:

  • Presentations,
  • chat,
  • live Q&A sessions,
  • recommended reading,
  • personal development planning,
  • reflective journal writing,
  • Constant access to teacher via Telegram/WhatsApp.


Every Monday and Thursday evening, 6.00pm – 8.00pm, for 8 weeks starting on Monday 5th July 2021.



Refunds: we cannot refund fees after the registration deadline. At this stage your place cannot be given to someone else.

Course Breakdown

Topics Description
1. Why Islam Is The Truth. Mawarid Lifestyle already has a full course on this topic. Although, we do not have enough time to cover the full course, we will spend a significant amount of time discussing the foundations of faith with the purpose of demonstrating the proofs and logical foundations of Islam.
2. Life as a youth: key issues faced by young people.We will discuss some of the challenges young people will face and how to overcome them.
Issues such as gender, sexual attraction, relationships, family and friends, peer pressure, social media, addictions, etc will be discussed. These issues will be discussed openly in a discussion format so students will be able to discuss anything else they may already have encountered. They will also be able to raise issues confidentially with the teacher.
3. Biggest Threats to Our Iman.In addition to the ‘Why Islam Is The Truth’ course component, we will also discuss the challenges their Iman will face in today’s climate and how they can deal with them. We will talk about secularism, liberalism, capitalism, modernity, scepticism, atheism, science, evolution, big bang, and more.
4. Is it hard to practice Islam.How hard is it to live life as a practicing Muslim. We aim to show it isn’t as hard as it is often made out to be. And if one does find it hard, there are good reasons for coping with that hardship. This is an important issue for young people to grapple with.
5. Things That We Find Confusing About Faith And Religion.Sometimes confusion about faith and religion is encountered even by practicing Muslim adults when they attend Salah, meet different people or come across a video. Things like the problem of evil and personal suffering, questions of justice, differences of opinion and sects in Islam, identity and culture issues, and so on.
6. Some Awesome Personality Traits of The Prophet (saw).As part of reflecting on personal character development, we will study some of the great characteristics of our Prophet (saw) and how we can also try to acquire such personality traits into our lives.
7. Strengthening Iman through Salah, Dhikr and Du’a.This is one of the main purposes of this course. Students will learn how they can build on their Iman through some of the most easiest and basic deeds we do as Muslims such as, Salah, Dhikr and Du’as, etc.
8. How to be Confident As a Believer
Being a believer doesn’t mean you will become some sort of a different person, many youth either have this assumption or buy in to ideas of ‘coolness’ that are in fact reprehensible. Along with some of the topics already mentioned, we will discuss what is wrong with certain contemporary trends and what it means to be ‘cool’ from an Islamic perspective.
9. Adhkar And Du’as From The Sunnah Students will be taught daily Du’as and adhkaar, their virtues and the Hadith they are derived from.

Brief Teacher Bio

Shaykh Shams Adduha Muhammad

Shaykh Shams Adduha Muhammad is a co-founder and the former director of Ebrahim College (EC), an Islamic seminary in East London that trains Muslim faith leaders of the future.

Shaykh Shams has led EC to become a leading contemporary Muslim seminary and one of the largest adult Islamic education providers in the UK. After 17 years at EC, he left to focus on consulting and grass root work. He set up Mawarid Lifestyle (ML).

Shaykh Shams is himself an Islamic seminary graduate and has an MA in Islamic studies from the university of London. He has also worked as an Imam, a teacher and deputy head of an independent Islamic school, and a translator of classical Islamic works.

Shaykh Shams is particularly interested in contextualising traditional Islamic studies for British Muslims and faith leaders. Currently, he teaches courses at Mawarid Lifestyle, mentors young people on ML’s Youth Mentoring Programme, and counsels people who are struggling with doubts in their iman. All of his current work can be accessed at



Stay in touch, join shaykh Shams and the Mawarid Lifestyle community on Telegram: click here