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Pray better, fast better, give better, be a better slave of Allah.

This exclusive bundle of 6 on-demand courses plus a bonus course covers all our main acts of worship except Hajj as well as the foundations of faith. These are individual courses that you will be enrolled on. The bundle let’s you sign up to them in one go will enjoying a healthy discount in the process. We are particularly excited to offer this to students to ensure they are fully learned in all aspects of their obligatory worship.

This bundle is also a perfect gift for someone coming back to the deen.

Should you choose not to sign up to the bundle at once, you still have the option to sign up to the individual courses for the full prices using the links below.

  • Learn the rules of purification and salah, and spirituality of salah with courses 1 and 2. Correct and improve your salah – the most important obligation in Islam.
  • Learn/revise all the rules of fasting and be better prepared for Ramadhan and optional fasting with course 3.
  • Course 4 is to ensure those of us who pay zakah do so correctly.
  • Course 5 is about improving your Qur’an and salah with a diverse range of verses that you can recite in fardh (obligatory) salah, nawafil (optional salah) and and tarawih (night salah in Ramadhan). The recorded audios will help you memorise with tajweed.
  • Course 6 helps you learn the most important daily du‘as (supplications) and adhdar (remembrance of Allah) that should be part of our daily routine.
  • Study before and during Ramadhan, or take advantage of the discount now and study them throughout the year.
  • Take the bundle for a healthy discount or sign up to each on separately.
  • Plus there is a bonus course on Iman. See below for details.

Please visit the individual course pages below to read the full course descriptions. After you have purchased the bundle, you will also use the individual profiles pages or course pages to access the courses.

Please note, you will automatically be enrolled on courses 1-4 (see below) and on the bonus course. Courses 5 and 6 you will be able to enrol yourselves on for free when you are ready.


£89 for the bundle. The full bundle is worth £130


You can study them in any order you like.

Bonus Course

Brief Teacher Bio

Shaykh Shams Adduha Muhammad

Shaykh Shams Adduha Muhammad is a co-founder and the former director of Ebrahim College (EC), an Islamic seminary in East London that trains Muslim faith leaders of the future.

Shaykh Shams has led EC to become a leading contemporary Muslim seminary and one of the largest adult Islamic education providers in the UK. After 17 years at EC, he left to focus on consulting and grass root work. He set up Mawarid Lifestyle (ML).

Shaykh Shams is himself an Islamic seminary graduate and has an MA in Islamic studies from the university of London. He has also worked as an Imam, a teacher and deputy head of an independent Islamic school, and a translator of classical Islamic works.

Shaykh Shams is particularly interested in contextualising traditional Islamic studies for British Muslims and faith leaders. Currently, he teaches courses at Mawarid Lifestyle, mentors young people on ML’s Youth Mentoring Programme, and counsels people who are struggling with doubts in their iman. All of his current work can be accessed at



Stay in touch, join shaykh Shams and the Mawarid Lifestyle community on Telegram: click here