Memorise More Qur’an For Salah

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3 reviews for Memorise More Qur’an For Salah

  1. Sharifa Noori

    I am very happy for this course. JazakalAllahu khairan for creating it.

  2. shuaibamin2006@gmail.com

    very helpful

  3. Sarosh Siddiqui (verified owner)

    Alhamdulillah’s, this is very good collection. Can you please share all the MP3’s in one file.

    • Shams Adduha Muhammad

      There’s a simple solution to this: download all of the files on your phone and then simply create a playlist using your music player, they will play one after the other in a continuous loop if you select the loop function. That’s a lot easier than us setting them up in editing software on our end.

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