How to Protect Our Iman in Today’s Climate – LIVE Jan 22


Live Course with Shaykh Shams

Is our tradition based on blind following and superstition, or reasoned proof? Study this course to become an informed believer, and build confidence in your iman, and resilience against doubt.

Starts Tues 11th Jan 22 – Every Tues for 6 weeks – 6.00 – 9.00pm


  • What is our faith in Islam based on?
  • How is Islam’s claim to truth proven?
  • How is knowledge preserved in Islam?
  • How do we know Muhammad (saw) is the true Prophet of Allah.
  • What causes people to doubt Islam and how do we face these doubts?
  • Is religion rational or not?
  • What is Islam’s answer to evolution, the problem of evil, and other causes of doubt?

How can we learn about our faith in a way that protects us from the questions that challenge it and cause doubt in our minds? How can we learn to talk about faith in a way that protects our children in the same way?

Many Muslims do not know what the challenging questions are – let alone their answers. This is not acceptable in this day and age. This negligence can be the reason why, Allah forbid it, we allow doubts to creep in to our minds or our children develop doubts because we do not know how to talk to them about faith.

According to a survey in the US, 23 percent of born Muslims have left Islam, the majority have become atheist. A statistic like that should make us panic. But we seem completely unfazed. Yet 23% is almost 1 in 4. That means, on average, almost every family is affected. We simply don’t know it because the majority of ex-Muslims leave their faith in secret.

Are these people leaving because Islam is a weak religion that does not have the answers to the questions that have caused doubts in their minds? Or is it simply that they do not know the answers, do not know how to source the answers, or were never taught their faith in a way that made them more resilient to the intellectual, social, and psychological challenges that are bombarding faith communities in this day and age. This course aims to answer these questions for you insha’Allah.


Course Topics

Topics Brief Synopsis of Topic
How do we know? What is the Islamic method for evaluating knowledge and claims to truth? This topic is about Islamic epistemology or theory of knowledge.
Why do we believe? Mortality and the divine A discussion around mortality and how it affects the human reality and in contrast a discussion about the Divine and how the two things come together to compel billions of people to adopt or remain in faith.
Why do we believe? History and the Prophet How Islamic history and the person of the Prophet combine to make a compelling case for Islam.
Principles of faith A rational discussion about the principles that govern how and why we believe in Islam. Why are Muslims so categoric and resistant to change while other faiths are changing beyond recognition?
Articles of faith A discussion regarding some of the other articles of faith such belief in Tawheed (Allah’s oneness), the hereafter, and in Qadar (predestiny).
Faith and spirituality How spirituality is metaphysical force for faith and for many Muslims, it is the most compelling proof.
Major causes of doubt What are the main causes of doubt and confusion in the minds of Muslims and how do we tackle them? Science, evolution, various philosophies, shifting of political power, and a new global order.


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