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A free online course to learn daily Duas and Adhkar as well as be able to memorise to implement in ones day, established from authentic Hadiths of the Prophet (saw).

Introduction To The Course

Some deeds require a person to put more physical effort than other deeds, for e.g. performing Umrah or even praying Salah in comparison to reading Quran or dhikr which can be done without any movement at all.

Du’as and Adhkar are amongst those deeds where the least amount of effort is required and one of the easiest deeds one can do but gain a tremndous amount of reward for e.g. the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, ‘Al-hamdu lillah (praise be to Allah) fills the scales, and ‘subhan-Allah (glory be to Allah) and ‘Al-hamdulillah (praise be to Allah)’ fill that which is between heaven and earth.’ (Muslim).

Subhanallah, such a great reward for a small action. One should not miss out and make these du’as and adhkar as part of his daily wird.

Meaning of Wird

Wird (pl awrad) or Hizb (pl ahzab) are words used in certain hadith narrations implying a specific amount of Qur’an recitation or worship that one engages in daily, particularly during worship at night.

‘Umar, Allah be pleased with him said, ‘the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, said, ‘whoever misses his hizb due to sleep or part of it, then reads between fajr salah and zuhr salah, it will be registered for him as though he read it at night.’’

In a narration of Ahmad the word wird is also used.

The purpose of a wird or hizb is to help get in to a regular pattern with our worship ensuring that no day goes by without us engaging in the worship of Allah, Exalted is He, with optional salah and remembrance. This was the Sunnah of the Prophet, peace be upon him. He said, ‘The most beloved action to Allah is the consistent one even if it is of little quantity.

It has become very common for both words to refer to a daily pattern of remembrance of Allah. This is extremely important as dhikr is like spiritual nourishment that drives our motivation for worship. Through dhikr, our fardh salah is easier to perform, and we feel more inclined to religiosity and spirituality. This was explained by the Prophet, peace be upon said, when he was asked the following question by a bedouin, ‘The laws of Islam have become so abundant, is there a method which brings them all together that we can stick to?’ He, peace be upon him, replied, ‘Let your tongue always be moist with Allah’s remembrance.’

This means that if one is regular in the remembrance of Allah, every other aspect of Islam will become easy to practice.

This course has also been designed in a very easy manner for everyone to be able to easily read and also memorise.

The first lesson consists of the morning and evening Du’as to be read as part of ones daily wird/hizb. Once you have finished reading the Du’as you can read the virtues and source of every Dua and listen to the audio individually.

This can be an excellent individual as well as family activity with parents and children learning together and homes buzzing with daily Du’as and Adhkar

Each Dua has been recorded at a pace you will find easy to follow and copy. An mp3 audio file of the recording is included, which you can download on your mobile phone and listen to on repeat, or you can listen to it on the page. Listening on repeat on your phone will help you memorise it correctly and promptly inshaAllah, if you follow along. Enjoy your reading of the adhkar and Du’as and make dua for us.


In addition to reciting from a broad range of Duas, there are many other aspects of our that we need to improve. Salah has to be done with khushu’ (humily and presence of mind and heart. We have developed a specific course for this which you should also consider taking.

Full List of the Passages

For those of you who want to go straight into it yourselves.

1 Collection of Evening Du’as
2 Collection of Morning Du’as
3 Tasbeeh Easy On The Tongue Heavy On The Scale
4 Comprehensive Tasbih Beloved Allah
5 Tasbih That Equals a Morning of Dhikr
6 Tahmeed That Equals a Morning of Dhikr
7 Dua Done By 70,000 Angels
8 10 Sins Forgiven 10 Rewards 10 Ranks Closer To Allah (swa) And Protection From Shaitan
9 Dua For Intercession of The Prophet (saw)
10 Sufficiency In Every Task
11 Evening Version Dua Taught By The Prophet (saw)
12 Morning Version Dua Taught By The Prophet (saw)
13 Evening Version of Dua For Appreciating All The Blessings Of The Day
14 Morning Version of Dua For Appreciating All The Blessings Of The Day
15 Sayyid-ul Istighfar
16 Dua Taught To Abu Bakr (ra)
17 Protection From All Calamaties
18 Allah Will Please You On The Day Of Judgment
19 Protection For Ones Body From Entering Jahanam (Evening Version)
20 Protection For Ones Body From Entering Jahanam (Morning Version)
21 Shukr For The Blessings of The Day (Evening Version)
22 Shukr For The Blessings of The Day (Morning Version)
23 Read By The Prophet (saw) And Never Missed
24    Dua For Aafiyah
25 Taught by Abu Bakr(ra) To His Son
26 Sufficiency In All Matters
27 Taught By Prophet (saw) To Fatima (ra)
28 Outweigh The Scale of Good Deeds
29 The Best Dua To Be Presented In Front of Allah On The Day Of Judgment
30 10 Sins Forgiven 10 Rewards 10 Ranks Closer To Allah (swa) And Protection From Shaitan
31 Istighfar
32 Durood

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