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Course Introduction

This course introduces students to the essential rules of fasting and Ramadhan. Here’s why it is an absolute must for you to do this course.

What is obligatory knowledge?

The answer to this question is simple. Anything necessary to ensure that religious obligations like prayer, fasting of Ramadhan, Zakah, and any obligatory act for that matter can be completed correctly without any mistakes that invalidate them. Simple right?

So do you know enough?

Can you fast with the confidence you will fulfill all the required rules that make it valid, and do you know all the mistakes that could nullify it? If not, it is obligatory for you to learn them.

This short on-demand course will cover all of the above and more ensuring you and your family can be confident about your fasting.

The course is on demand, so you will have access to it all the time to review and double check your knowledge.

There will also be a scheduled live Q&A session with Shaykh Shams to help you with anything you need clarified or any questions specific to you.


Course Features

  1. Online, on-demand course, with live Q&A with Shaykh Shams Adduha.
  2. Practical explanation of the rules of fasting and i’tikaf including:
    • Modes of fasting,
    • Faraidh, sunan, and etiquettes of fasting.
    • What breaks the fast and what does not.
    • How to make up for missed fasts.
    • Tarawih
    • I’tikaf
    • Eid and sadaqatul fitr
    • and more …
  3. Spiritual secrets of Ramadhan
  4. Ramadhan and good health and balanced lifestyle.
  5. How the above will be affected by coronavirus.

Dates and Schedule


Who is This Course For?

Anyone who wants to make sure their Ramadhan is correct, free of mistakes, and productive.

The Sahaba radiyallahu anhum prepared six months in advance. Unfortunately, modern life in the West can throw our spiritual life into disarray.

This course is for anyone who wants to get on track and keep on track.


There are no prerequisites other than your commitment to make sure your fasting is done correctly.

Bonus Content:

Important duas and adhkar for Ramadhan.

Other courses to check out for Ramadhan

Learning Outcomes

Topics and features Outcomes – participants on this course will:
A proper Ramadhan: Rules of fasting, Zakah, i’tikaf and Eid .
Approx. 4 hours of recorded content with additional resources such as slides and reading.
Learn how to avoid mistakes due to an ignorance of simple rules like what is obligatory in fasting, what is forbidden during fasting, what is not forbidden, what breaks the fast and what does not.

Understand the purpose of Zakah, how to calculate, who to give it to, and who not to give it to.

Understand how to make the most out of the last 10 days of Ramadhan with i’tikaf, following its rules and etiquettes. Understand the purpose of Eid, its etiquettes and the rules of sadaqatul fitr.
Note: The fiqh (rules) will be mainly according to the Hanafi school
Spiritual Secrets of Ramadhan.
Approx. 1 hour of recorded content with additional resources such as slides and reading.
Understand the true meaning of worship and piety in its various forms.

Understand the virtues of Ramadhan and fasting. 

Remembrance of Allah, its purpose, and how best to perform it.
Ramadhan and good health and balanced lifestyle.
Approx. 1 hour of recorded content with additional resources.
Understand the importance of a balanced diet and good eating habits in Ramadhan.

Understand how to deal with the impact of poor health on Fasting.

The above topics and learning objectives may go through amendments before the course starts.



If you cannot afford it:

We understand that in these times of difficulty some people may not be able to afford to study. We have to charge so that this work can continue. Those who can pay should pay. However, if you cannot, please email and we will arrange for you to pay whatever you can afford. Please do not ask to do the course for free, contribute something.

How you will study this course and terms of study

On-demand online course with live Q&A: you will view recorded content, complete tasks given, and then attend live Q&A via a virtual classroom.

As a non-essential complimentary add on, a strictly controlled and focused chat group will be opened for constant contact with teacher and questions. This will not be permanent and will be discontinued in the future at Mawarid Lifestyle’s discretion.

Course recording will be uploaded according to a schedule before Ramadhan, as well as live Q&A sessions.

You will be able to study them in your own time after they have been released. However, you should complete them before the live Q&A or you will not benefit as much.  

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How to Join and Study This Course

  1. Register and pay at the above link. This will give you your username and password to the learning management system on the Mawarid website.
  2. You will be sent a confirmation email.
  3. You will automatically receive access to the course material on the launch date.
  4. To benefit fully from the course, you should complete all reading in advance of watching the recorded class.


If you have any questions, please email



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