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4 Hours Recorded Content

Additional Reading and Resources

Live Q&A

Course Introduction

This is a short course on Zakah. It will help students understand all of the important rules of Zakah, including how to calculate their Zakah, how to pay it, and who to pay it to.

The course is on demand, so you will have access to it all the time to review and double check your knowledge.

There will also be a scheduled live Q&A session with Shaykh Shams to help you with anything you need clarified or any questions specific to you.


Course Features

  1. Online, on-demand course, with live Q&A with Shaykh Shams Adduha.
  2. Live Q&A
  3. Access from anywhere in the world at any time.
  4. Additional reading material and resources.
  5. Bonus content added from time to time.
  6. The course will cover the rules of Zakah.
    See learning outcomes.


There are no prerequisites.

Dates and Schedule


Who is This Course For?

Anyone who pays Zakah and would like to fully understand its rules and be empowered to make the correct decisions.

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Learning Outcomes

Topics and featuresOutcomes – participants on this course will understand:
The Rules of Zakah
Approx four hours of recorded content with resources such slides and additional reading.
The meaning and purpose of Zakah based on the Qur’an and sunnah.

Different types of charitable giving such as sadaqah, lillah, etc and how to respond to different needs in society.

Who Zakah is obligatory upon and what amount and type of wealth qualifies for Zakah payment.

Who qualifies to receive Zakah.

How to calculate your Zakah in contemporary contexts and who you should give your Zakah to.

Implications of debt and other financial circumstances upon Zakah payment.

The above topics and learning objectives may go through amendments before the course starts.



How you will study this course and terms of study

On-demand online course with live Q&A: you will view recorded content, complete tasks given, and then attend live Q&A via a virtual classroom.

As a non-essential complimentary add on, a strictly controlled and focused chat group will be opened for constant contact with teacher and questions. This will not be permanent and will be discontinued in the future at Mawarid Lifestyle’s discretion.

Course recording will be uploaded according to a schedule before Ramadhan, as well as live Q&A sessions.

You will be able to study them in your own time after they have been released. However, you should complete them before the live Q&A or you will not benefit as much.  

Registration is only available at

How to Join and Study This Course

  1. Register and pay at the above link. This will give you your username and password to the learning management system on the Mawarid website.
  2. You will be sent a confirmation email.
  3. You will automatically receive access to the course material on the launch date.
  4. To benefit fully from the course, you should complete all reading in advance of watching the recorded class.


If you have any questions, please email