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The Essential Guide To Salah

ON DEMAND COURSE: ACCESS ANYTIME ANYWHERE - An essential course for every Muslim detailing the rules of purification and salah. Without knowing these rules, it is impossible to know if your salah is correct. If salah is not correct, everything is at risk. ENROL NOW SPECIAL 50% EID DISCOUNT EXPIRES MIDNIGHT 10TH AUG (NORMAL PRICE AFTER THAT IS £50)

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How to Protect Our Iman in Today’s Climate Live (3) – Evening

EVENING ITERATION 6.00 PM - 9.00 PM UK time. Four Friday Evenings from 19th June 2020. At a time of confusion, doubt, and weak iman, this is an essential course for every Muslim whether firm in faith or struggling with serious questions and doubts. LIVE ONLINE COURSE



The Muslim Freud

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT EXPIRES 13TH JUNE An introductory course on Freudian psychoanalysis & the Islamic epistemological framework COURSE SCHEDULE: Saturday 27 June 2020 3pm – 6pm | Sunday 28 June 3pm – 6pm - LIVE ONLINE COURSE with Shaykh Abdullah Hasan



Memorise More Qur’an For Salah

FREE COURSE: 36 passages from the Qur'an with audio to help you memorise more Qur'an for salah and tarawih. Spend some time on this every day and you will find your tarawih and salah enriched.

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How To Calculate And Give Zakah Correctly

ON DEMAND COURSE: A short course on Zakah which will help you understand all of the important rules of Zakah, including how to calculate their Zakah, how to pay it, and who to pay it to. SIGN UP NOW!

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