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Ramadan and Fasting: A Simple Guide

ON DEMAND COURSE: A simple practical course on the essential rules and guidelines of Ramadhan and fasting. SIGN UP NOW!

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How To Calculate And Give Zakah Correctly

ON DEMAND COURSE: A short course on Zakah which will help you understand all of the important rules of Zakah, including how to calculate their Zakah, how to pay it, and who to pay it to. SIGN UP NOW!

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Waking Up The Soul

ON DEMAND COURSE: This course has been designed to help building up our spirituality and ensure that you have all the knowledge and resources to achieve this.

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How to Discuss LGBT Issues with Our Muslim Children

A recorded event for parents and the community with Shaykh Shams Adduha – February was LGBT History Month. Most of our children may have been exposed to assemblies and discussions about LGBT History. – This event discussed how we as parents and the Muslim Community should respond and have the right conversations with our children and youth.

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Training For Ulama On How To Teach And Discuss The Foundations Of Iman (recorded)

[Now a recorded course] – This particular training course for Ulama aims to go through the content of our popular course on the proofs of iman and then highlight to ulama what pedagogical tools they should employ to make the content effective for young learners. Most ulama will be familiar with a great deal of the content, but there are other things to consider when teaching it to people, especially young people in our maktabs and madrasahs.

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The Worship Bundle – Revise All of Your Worship

An exclusive bundle of 6 on-demand courses plus a bonus course covering all our main acts of worship (except Hajj) as well as the foundations of faith. £89 for the bundle. The full bundle is worth £130 – Get it for your own learning or as a gift for a loved one. – ENROL ANY TIME – ACCESS ANY TIME

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