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The Summer Youth Course 2021

LIVE COURSE! This course is to help young people going to college or university stay productive during the summer and equip them with some of the intellectual and spiritual tools he/she needs before or during their time at college/uni.

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Waking Up The Soul

ON DEMAND COURSE: This course has been designed to help building up our spirituality and ensure that you have all the knowledge and resources to achieve this.

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The Worship Bundle – Revise All of Your Worship

An exclusive bundle of 6 on-demand courses plus a bonus course covering all our main acts of worship (except Hajj) as well as the foundations of faith. £89 for the bundle. The full bundle is worth £130 - Get it it or gift it for Ramadhan - ENROL ANY TIME - ACCESS ANY TIME

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The Comprehensive Salah Bundle – 2 Courses

A bundle of two on-demand courses that includes: THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO SALAH and HOW TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF SALAH - Study all the rules of salah and all about the spirituality of salah Separately they are £70, as a bundle, £50 ENROL NOW! - STUDY ANYTIME ANYWHERE LIMITED TIME OFFER

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How to Protect Our Iman in Today’s Climate – On-demand Version (4)

This was a live course but now made as an on-demand course - Is our tradition based on blind following and superstition, or reasoned proof? This course will make you an informed believer, and build confidence in your iman, and resilience against doubt.

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The Essential Guide To Salah

ON DEMAND COURSE: ACCESS ANYTIME ANYWHERE - An essential course for every Muslim detailing the rules of purification and salah. Without knowing these rules, it is impossible to know if your salah is correct. If salah is not correct, everything is at risk. ENROL NOW

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